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Naru. Guest House

The place for the reason to visit Usa City

Guest House & Rental space

Near Holy Usa Jingu Shrine

Managed by world traveler


Travelled around the world for 3 years

Helped by so many people

Shared so many beautiful moments

Made lots of frieands

Who became our brothers and sisters

Giving us incredible global families


After 3 years, while making Japan our home

We are still connected with them

And still being inspired by their lives.


We wanted to welcome our far-flung family

And decided to open a guest house in

The land of Usa Jingu Shrine at Usa City, Oita Prefecture, Japan


Naru. Guest House.

Supported by so many people to make this a reality.

We hope our guests, locals and visitors, in Usa City will be happy

We hope, through Naru.Guest House, you will be comfortable

Find your second home, here, with us


One of the gifts we received while travelling was - connection

Many connections were formed in the guest houses

When reminiscing of our travels

Many memories were at the guest houses.


What job you have or what age, is not important at these guest houses.

Enjoy gathering

Enjoy writing

Enjoy reading

Enjoy imagining

Enjoy your own time

The place where people cross each other.


Once a traveler said,

“To achieve the wisdom, you need to talk to people, to read the book and to travel”


Hope Naru.Guest House in Usa City will be the place where people can achieve the wisdom.

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