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                                          Kunisaki Long Hiking Trail

The Kunisaki Long Hiking Trail is 137km from Bungotakada’s Kumano Magaibutsu 

all the way to Kunisaki’s Futagoji Temple. Combination of walking and trekking 

over main roads, mountain roads, and through the forests stopping at temples

and landmarks along the way.

The Kunisaki Hiking Trail is broken into 10 segment courses,

average of 12km per course.



































































・I will take you to the start of the trail (T course) from Guest House

・Pick you up at the end of the trail back to Guest House

Place to Visit

 The start/end of trekking T-1, T-2, T-3, T-4  course 


    30-45mins  (to the start/end of trekking by car)




    ¥5,000 ・・・go & return  

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