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                                          Natural scenery tour

There are many beautiful scenery in Usa city, and this tour  you will see many different faces of deep local country side.






































































































































































・Visit the places you can not visit if you use public transport

・Visit photogenic places

・Enjoy the local country side

Place to Visit

<Course 1>                        <Course 2>                       <Course 3>

Stone Bridges         Stone Bridges              Stone Bridges

Machu Pichu of Usa City    Sen no Iwa       Sen no Iwa

Japanese garden       Fukino Waterfall      Higashi-shiya waterfall


  3~4 Hours




  ¥4,000 ・・・1 person         

  ¥7,500 ・・・2 persons     

  ¥11,000 ・・・3 persons            

  ¥14,500 ・・・4 persons 


*Price includes tour guide and transport 

*If you combine 2 course together, extra  ¥1,000 will be charge

Stone Bridge

Stone Bridge

Machu Picchu of Usa city

Machu Picchu of Usa city

Japanese garden

Japanese garden

Sen no iwa

Sen no iwa

Sen no iwa

Sen no iwa

Higashi shiiya waterfall

Higashi shiya waterfall

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