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Photo by 嶋長 幸浩

Canola Field

Seasonal  Experience

You can only experience this tour for special season, so don't miss it

​​​​​Canola flower field (Mar mid-Apr mid)

Wisteria & Japanese tea field(Apr end-May beg)

Sunflower field(Aug end-Sep end)

​​Cosmos field(Oct)





















・Watch the different flower which bloom only for that season and

   enjoy the colorful scenery


Place to Visit

 ①Canola flower field (Mar mid-Apr mid)

 ②Wisteria & Japanese tea field(Apr end-May beg)

 ③Sunflower field(Aug end-Sep end)

 ④Cosmos field(Oct)


  2~3 Hours




①③ Canola&Sunflower         ②Wisteria&Japanese Garden           ④Cosmos             

  ¥3,000 ・・・1 person             ¥1,500 ・・・1 person                ¥2,000 ・・・1 person         

  ¥5,500 ・・・2 persons            ¥2,500 ・・・2 persons                ¥3,500 ・・・2 persons     

  ¥8,000 ・・・3 persons            ¥3,500 ・・・3 persons                ¥5,000 ・・・3 persons           

  ¥10,500 ・・・4 persons          ¥4,500 ・・・4 persons                ¥6,500 ・・・4 persons


*Price includes tour guide and transport  

  Entrance fee is not included

For detail(price, season, duration) of each tour, please contact us.

Wisteria Field

Japanese tea Field

Sunflower Field

Cosmos Field

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