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                           Japanese local daily lifestyle tour

Different from normal sightseeing tour, do you want to experience and see a normal Japanese daily life?

Together with the guest house owner  visit local places where he normally go for shopping.










・Learn about Japanese food and product through visiting local supper market. 

   After this tour, you will understand more about dish that you eat in Japanese restaurant.

・Different from normal souvenir, find the local and unique product for souvenir

・Get explanation and support of finding the product from 100yen shop

・Learn about Japanese trend of manga, games and movie




Place to Visit (You can choose 3 places)

  Local supper market

  100 yen shop

  Book&Games&DVD rental shop

  Electronics Retailer

  Drug store



  2 Hours





  ¥2,000 ・・・1 person        

  ¥3,500 ・・・2 persons    

  ¥5,000 ・・・3 persons           

  ¥6,500 ・・・4 persons 

*Price includes tour guide and transport




Supper market

Supper market

Drug store

¥100 Shop (Daiso)

Electronics Retailer

Drug store

Book&Games&DVD rental shop

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