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                   Enjoy local food (Karaage, Ramen and Wine) tour

Usa city is a birth place of Fried Chicken(Karaage) and there are more than 40 Karagae shop in Usa City.
Grape is produced in Usa city so lets drink wine at winery

Have you tried Horumon (offal) Ramen? This Ramen won silver medal in Kyushu local food championship.

If you like Ramen, you must try this. (This is limited Ramen and only serve 20 dishes per day) 








Visit the one of the best 2  Karaage(fried chicken) shop in Usa City and enjoy the difference.

・Visit the winery and enjoy more than 20 different type of wines (free).

・Taste the unique Silver medal Horumon(offal)  Ramen 

Place to Visit

​  2 Local famous Karagae shop

  Ramen shop



  2~3 Hours (Ramen for lunch)  

  Leave the guest house 10 AM





  ¥2,500 ・・・1 person        

  ¥4,500 ・・・2 persons    

  ¥6,500 ・・・3 persons           

  ¥8,500 ・・・4 persons 


*Price includes tour guide, transport and wine tasting


  Fried chicken and Ramen is not included

Karaage (Fried chicken)

Karaage (Fried chicken)

Horumon Ramen



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