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          Showa town (Showa no machi) Bungo Takada tour

Enjoy a time travel theme park. Showa no Machi(Town of Showa era) remains various old residential buildings, school and street where you can see the 60 years ago of Japan.

Also visit famous Japanese artist group 「team Lab★」art gallery




・Walk around the 60 years ago of Japan town

・Visit 「Showa no Machi」museum

・Visit famous Japanese artist group「team Lab★」gallery

Place to Visit

  Showa town (Showa no Machi)

  Showa no Machi museum

「team Lab★」gallery



  3 Hours









  ¥4,000  ・・・1 person        

  ¥7,500  ・・・2 persons    

  ¥11,000 ・・・3 persons           

  ¥14,500 ・・・4 persons 

*Price includes tour guide and transport 

  Museum and gallery entrance fee is not included (¥830)



Optional tour

①Matama coast

   + 2 hours 

   +¥2,000 per person

②Kumano Magaibutsu + Futakoji Temple

   + 2 hours 

   +¥2,000 per person


Showa no Machi

Showa no Machi

team Lab★ gallery

Fukiji Temple

Matama coast

Matama coast

Kumano Magaibutus

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