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Rental Space

Picture:For  15 persons

All private room are available as a rental space:


Recommend for
mothers gathering together with children.
Reading or watching movies at leisure.
Want to concentrate on a job in a quiet room only for a few hours.
A small meeting.
Want to hold a gallery or event.

Lunch or meal is available as an option.

Please feel free to ask us and make a reservation. 

Open Hour  10:30 ~ 15:00

                     18:00~  21:00 (Only if it is open)


How to use Need Reservation (On the day is possible)

       1 room for 2 hours (Possible to extend the time)        

       Need Reservation if need lunch   

Price     1 person ¥500/2 hours


       Private Room A(up to 3 persons)  

       Private Room B  (up to 6 persons)  

                     Private Room C(up to 10 persons)   

                   Private Room D(up to 15 persons)  

      *You can choose which room you want to use.

Rent       Projector(Projector, Screen)

        DVD Set(DVD player、Projector, Screen


Picture: For 6 persons

Picture: For 6 persons

    Rental Space

Reservation and Inquiry

☎ 0978-32-0147 

Call Hour (9:00~20:00)


*​We take reservation for rental space only by call

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